Green Cleaning

indexIt is possible to go green in every room in your home went designing your home improvement project. There are a number of ways that going green will not only help the environment, but can reduce your energy cost and consumption thereby making your home more energy efficient. As the owner of Westmoreland Contractor Referral Service, homeowners ask us how they can be more environmentally conscious with their home remodeling projects.

Going green is a conscious decision to look for and incorporate green materials instead of the traditional building supplies. Going green can include simple lifestyle changes to the way we view the conveniences of energy usage.

imagesSimple steps to reducing energy usage includes turning down the thermostat. By setting your thermostat by one to two degrees, you could save five percent or more on your energy costs. This slight change in temperature will not feel uncomfortable and you can simply dress a little warmer. It is recommended to set your thermostat to 68 degrees or lower while sleeping.

Window replacements are the most common area for green home improvements. An older window will allow heat to escape. New green window products offer a stylish way to take your home green and reduce energy cost.

Green home improvements include attic insulation to reduce energy costs. A properly insulated attic is well vented will keep your home cool during warmer months and keep the heat in during the cold months. Doors to the attic are often overlooked, but a simple weather strip will help to reduce energy costs as well.

indexSimply and inexpensive ways to reduce energy cost include replacing existing light bulbs with florescent and LED lights. The traditional halogen light tend to product a lot of heat. Look for light bulbs that uses a lower voltage. These can be incorporated into existing fixtures and can minimize energy usage.

Water conservation is an area that environmentally homeowners can greatly impact the water consumption and save energy costs. A few areas that homeowners look at when trying to reduce consumption and energy are as simple as using a dishwasher for full loads only. New products for kitchen renovations include energy efficient appliances such as dishwashers, refrigerators, and even stoves.

Bathroom renovations offer plenty of options to go green. Water conserving toilets offer low flow and dual flush toilets that can save gallons per day. Some manufactures also offer toilets and tubs that are made of 50% post recycled materials.

It is important to understand how each home uses our natural resources and with simple conscious decisions we all can reduce our energy consumption and do our part to conserve our valuable resources. Going green gives the added benefit of saving money too. An ongoing energy factor to take in to consideration is home maintenance, car washing has a big impact, install a rainwater harvesting system from your gutter system. Carpet cleaning and domestic cleaning consumes both energy and labor Masterclean uses harvested water and is run through a reverse osmosis system that reduces the amount of detergents use as the water is 99.9% pure water. All the technicians are using this system in Croydon visit their website